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our motive  
Cultivate PLANTS
Red Sanders
Pterocarpus Santalinus
Rakta Chandan
low Investment
Huge Returns
Invest in Red Sandal Wood Estates
Wait for 10 - 15 Years
to became CROREPATI
Invest Rs 1,00,000/- for Red Sandal Wood Plantation
Wait for 10 - 15 Years
get Rs 20 Crores*
is this really Possible
Its really Possible
Let Us See
Best Place for cultivate Red Sandal plants is Andhra Pradesh, RAAYALASEEMA lands only in this World
by Natural Way Red Sandal Grows  9 - 10 Meters Hight & 1 - 1.5 Meters Dia in 25 - 30Years
We are using German Technology Bio Chemicals to cultivate Red Sandal. So, our plants are  growing 12 - 15Meters Hight & 1.5 - 2Meters Dia in just 10 - 15 Years
Red Sandal Wood is one of the most valuable timber in the world. This Wood have good demand in foregin countries like China, Myanmar, Japan etc...
  • Pharma Industries
  • Cosmetics & Perfumes Companies
  • Musical Instruments Industries
  • Furniture Industry
Our Project Details
We have professional team for searching Lands in various places of Andhra Pradesh in various prices, Regular Drivers and Labors for plantation. And at present in Kurnool & Ananthapur (dist.), we deal with land owners for our NRI customers.
Investment details in our projects
Total Land of Project in Acres300200
minimum BIT size in Acres7530
Land Price per AcreRs1,00,000/-Rs2,00,000/-
Plantation with DripRs60,000/-Rs60,000/-
Total Price for Min. BITRs1.2CroresRs78Lakhs
3Years Maintainence Agreement
  • Replace new plants in the place of dead plants
  • Transportation of Plants
  • Arranging Labor for Plantation
  • German Technology Bio Chemicals for Fast Growth & Good Quality
Buy Back Agreement
We have Red Sanders Importers & Exporters personally. Present Red Sanders Price is Rs3Lakhs - Rs30Lakhs depend on Quality of Wood & Percentage of Oil in Red Sanders in different Countries and in different Industries
Returns with our projects
Quantity of Wood in Tonns150006000
Price per TonnRs10LakhsRs10Lakhs
Projected Time in Years10 - 1510 - 15
Conditions Apply.Above placed values are subject to refference perpose only. Land Registration & Governament Taxes are Extra. Revenue Permit & Forest Depo. Permit are Mandatory.
Red Sandal Estates is indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity
Don't miss investing in this opportunity that's coming your way
Join With Us
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