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Elizabeth Short
Elizabeth, or as most of her friends and family called, Bette Short was twenty-two years old when she was brutally murdered.
Black Dahlia
Bette Short got the name black dahlia because of her thick black hair and the black attire that she would normally wear. 
She wanted to be an actress and so she worked odd jobs for years and moved to her father's house in California. 
That is till she was arrested and shipped home to her mothers house.

Arrested for underage drinking
Brian Carr
One of the detectives who worked on the Black Dahlia case, Brian Carr has had an interview with Pamela Hazelton. 
She's a reporter who publishes her findings on the Black Dahlia case on www.bethshort.com
In the interview with Brian Carr, Mr.Carr says that the killer had medical experience and was most likely a doctor. 
The Killer
The Killer
Brian Carr the detective working the case does not have any hope of catching the crazed killer. Carr thinks that the killer might be dead. 
Carr also thinks that Bette Short knew the killer. Whether as just an acquaintance, a close friend or just some name or face she recognized but didn't quite get to know.
There were Fifty men and women alike who confessed to being the Black Dahlia Killer.

Pheobe Mae Short
Mother of the victim was interviewed by the coroner on January 22, 1947.
She was asked simple questions about her now dead daughter.
Like:What's your address? and Have you seen the body?
She was very cooperative. 
The Discovery of the Body
The body of Bette Short was found by Betty Bersinger while she was walking with her three year old daughter. She immediately ran to the nearest house to call the police.
The body was found fifty-four feet from the fire plug. The fire plug is right in the middle of a vacant lot.
It was in perfect view of Norton street.
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