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Mission Statement
Strategic Goals
Objectives & Tactics
Sustenance Model / Incorporation
Sources of Income

Mission Statement

Startropica’s Mission is to be the premier multi-media communications hub of the South Florida Startup Ecosystem by providing up to date news and information; reaching local, national, and international audiences in an engaging and entertaining manner.

Strategic Goals

-Create large scale awareness for South Florida Venture Capitalists about the existence of local startups as possible investment options.

-Participate and foster collaboration across all the elements of the South Florida Startup Community. 

-To Provide coverage for every startup in South Florida.
-To Provide coverage for every important event in the South Florida Startup community.
-To Provide coverage for every Accelerator/Incubator in South Florida.
-To Provide coverage for individuals who excel in the South Florida Startup community.
-To Provide insight into technology, economics, local development, and other relevant issues affecting startups on a daily basis.
-To Create Events to promote Startropica and collect funds.

Tactics & Content
-Bring posts in Startropica to at least 1 per Day.
-Increase Social Media Interaction across all relevant channels
-Establish original content partnerships with startups (Text, Image, or Video) (Example: clearCI)
-Establish regular guest posting by relevant community members, and nationally recognized talent.
-Establish recurring sections like (10 questions with, Follow a Startup)
-Establish content distribution and syndication network for Startropica’s content. (Example: Nibletz)
-To partner with horizontal businesses catering to the startup community to offer engaging promotions to Startropica’s readers. (Example: Kubs)
Sustenance Model & Incorporation?
Sources of Income / Funds
Mix of...
Private Equity
Foundation Support
 -Man Hours to create content, and do sales, full time (50 Hour/week)
-Video Equipment: Camera, Microphone (*)
-Computer (*)
-Blog Face Lift / Re-Design
-News Room, at co-working space (Barter for advertising)

(*) Not Urgent
The Question is:

How to bring Startropica Posts
to 1 per Day, without losing quality ?
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