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This book has taught me that you must always enjoy the little things.
Text Evidence
It says "I could use my second wish to give your sister human shape, so that she could be a companion to you." This shows that he really does care about his wife and wants her to be happy. He won't be completely happy until she is with him.

In the song "Summertime Sadness" It says "Baby your the best" This also shows that she also loves someone a lot.
This means that they enjoy that other person. One person is a little thing in their life but they appreciate  them and is happy that their in their life.
Text Evidence part 2
In the story it says that "Mr.Peters was found peacefully dead in his bed with a smile of great happiness on his face." This shows that he enjoyed everything that was handed to him in life and died a happy death.
Song Part 2
In the song "Summertime Sadness" it says " I know if i go I'll die happy tonight." This is showing that she isn't afraid to die. Instead she will die happy. 
Connection part 2
They both have the same opinion, which is they will die a happy death. They show it in their actions and emotions that they are not afraid to die
To conclude they both enjoy the little things because their lives are filled with happiness. Their lives are happy because they take in everything and use it to be happy. That's why they're not afraid.

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"Two wishes were enough for me, I reckon. I've learned that even if your wishes are granted they they don't always better you I'll stay faithful to Leita."
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