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What’s Causing SewerSmells in My House?

There are many potential causes of sewage smells pervadingyour home. Some may be simple and easily remedied while others will be morecomplex and require professional assistance. What’s important is that you identifythe root cause early on and take action so that your family can resume livingin comfort.

Check Your Traps

One of the most common causes of sewer odors in the home isthe lack of a properly-functioning trap in your piping system. Drain pipes oftenutilize a P-shaped trap which is designed to maintain a small amount of waterin the elbow at all times, creating an airlock which prevents sewer gases fromtraveling into your home. If this trap is not present or not functioning asintended, offensive odors can pass through uninhibited.

Piping Problems

Another frequent cause of sewage smells drifting into yourresidence might be damaged or leaking pipes. This is a particular concern forolder homes with dated plumbing systems. Cracked pipes can allow sewage gasesto vent directly or they can result in leaks which result in cumulative odorsover time.

Vent Pipes, etc.

One final potential cause of unwanted smells from yourplumbing system is a bad vent pipe. These vents are installed to allow sewergases to escape your home; when they become clogged or damaged, the offendinggases have nowhere to go except into the open air of your living space.

Each of these problems takes a different level of expertisein order to properly diagnose and repair. If sewage smells are making your home unlivable, don't waste time-consult the pros to restore normalcy today. Visit this website tofind out more about sewer repair in Santa Cruz.

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