About Slidepoint.net

The Slidepoint Technology began development in the Atrixware offices in early 2009. It was implemented first as a plug-in app for the popular Atrixware Weblearning LMS, and then went live as a stand-alone service for all in 2011.

Slidepoint was designed to provide the ability to create and deliver online presentations that do not require the Adobe Flash player to operate, and therefore work on any desktop or mobile device that supports html, css and javascript. The slidepoint.net site specifically was designed to enable anyone to create and deliver the presentations at no cost.

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About Atrixware

Atrixware is a USA based e-learning solutions company located in Blackwood, NJ, and was founded in 1997.

Atrixware offers various e-learning products and services, including the Weblearning LMS, which is an extremely budget-friendly LMS/LCMS designed for small to medium deployments, and Online Quiz Maker, which is the 'easiest quiz-maker system on the planet' - an online quiz creation and tracking service.

You can follow Atrixware on twitter here

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