Latest Progress

This week has been full of progress!

We pretty much finished up our web-app (non-editor) portion of, including these core pieces:

  • Account Overview and Settings
  • Account Profile (avatar, metadata, social links etc)
  • Referral ID system (refer people, get extra reputation points)
  • Reputation points system (gain reputation for being active on the site)
  • Rewards system (gain extra features and storage space for racking up reputation points)
  • Favorites, Following, and Followers system
  • Import from PowerPoint (still adding a few things here though)
  • Manage and Create Presentations

So, we are tweaking the PowerPoint importer application (this will likely evolve quite a bit after the beta release as well), as well as some other areas (but mostly layout and display tweaks).

We have moved on to finalizing the presentation editor.

Earlier this week, we fixed many of the bugs (caused mainly from migrating the editor used in our Weblearning System to this stand-alone version of the editor).

We have also started adding some extra features. Just today we began adding the image cropping feature (where you can upload an image, and crop it before adding it to your presentation).

We estimate about another week to finalize the editor for beta, then we have to come up with a strategy for which ads to use, where to place them, etc (probably of minor interest to you, but this is how we pay for the system – hopefully we generate enough ad revenue so the system minimally pays for itself).

We are still on track to have the beta ready to use by the middle of this month, but the ‘official’ ready date is ‘it will be ready when its ready’ — you know how that goes.



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2 Responses to Latest Progress

  1. Does this site have a page on Facebook?

  2. anthony says:

    No, but you can visit our company facebook page, which is

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