We are Almost There …

As I write this (Tuesday October 11, 3:00 pm EST), we are almost ready to go live with the beta!

Crossed off of our list since my last post are the following:

  • PowerPoint Converter App is finished, now recognizes most navigational commands on objects and converts them into slidepoint.net properly
  • Added Cropping Functionality to Image uploads
  • Soundtrack mode complete – lets you set up a ‘soundtrack’ for your presentation (and is flexible enough to enable you to let your audience pick different soundtracks too, and also enables concurrent narrations on top of a soundtrack)
  • A bunch of ‘annoying/hard-to-understand-why-it-is-happening’ bugs were fixed
  • Lots of editor cleanup (consistent type, colors, layouts, messaging, etc)
  • Editor Settings section complete (presentation settings, editor settings, presentations metadata settings)
  • Quiz Question functionality was added – you will be able to add quiz questions, and treat them as either a graded question, survey question, or instant-feedback question (added {placeholder} system as well to enable the display of the dynamic data inside text regions)

So, still about a weeks worth of stuff left to do. We still have some editor stuff to complete. Then, we have the ad integration to complete inside the presentations themselves (this is how we pay for this thing and keep the free plans free).


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