We Are Ready to Go Live

As I write this, I expect us to be live with the beta shortly (hours maybe).

I thought it might be a good time to say what will not be available right away – as in, yes – we will be doing some development work in the system during the beta.

So, here is a list of things that will (magically?) appear during the beta:

  • YouTube Video Cross-Platform Rendering
    Despite our best attempts so far, we can’t seem to find the careful balance of youtube embed codes that work everywhere. We will be on it though -
  • Paid Plan Features
    We have some initial features for this (you will see some in the editor relating to javascript, css and privacy). We will roll out some more and define them better during the beta.
  • Ad Rendering
    Yes – we will be tinkering with different ways to display ads, seeing which ones offer that careful balance of non-intrusive yet we-get-enough-clicks-to-keep-this-service-free ratio.
  • Documentation
    All developers hate writing documentation. So do we :) . However, you will be able to access it – it is planned to be an online-version, so it will be easy to get to. For now though, if you need something, we do have documentation for our Weblearning-Plugin version of the Slidepoint Editor (which is very similar). Its here: http://www.slidepoint.net/files/manual/manual.pdf

Of course, there are dozens of other things to do as well (small bug fixes and feature adds for example), and of course, this platform will be perpetually improved.


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