Documentation is Online

Ok – took a little longer than anticipated, but the documentation is now online at

We also noticed a blog bug — seems comments are not displaying, nor are links to articles and categories. So, we will be figuring out that¬†anomaly¬†shortly.

As far as numbers go, looks like we are solidly into several hundred sign-ups so far, and the same for presentations. We haven’t really ramped up the advertising for the site yet (since it’s still in beta stage), so overall we are happy with the sign-ups so far. Would like to see some more presentations, but they are also starting to flow in as well.

Also, the ad revenue thusfar has been just about enough to cover the server costs, so not too bad to start. Our goal initially was to make sure the ad revenue at least covered our hard costs, so we are in good shape so far (although it’s been just short of 2 weeks since we have been live).

Will report with another article soon.


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