End-of-Year Report

Ok, so it’s the last day of the year for everyone here at Atrixware.

I thought I would report some stats for any of you interested in how things are going with slidepoint.net.

So we went live with the beta on October 17th. Since then, we have spent minimal time on adding anything new, but did spend some time fixing a few things on the site and inside the application itself (based on bug reports).

As most of you know, there are no ‘paid’ plans yet, so the site runs on ad revenue. Our only expense is the server cost, and I am happy to report that the ad revenue is more than covering the server expense. That was (and is) our goal with the beta – the site should pay for itself minimally while we run the beta.

As far as numbers go, we have just under 600 sign-ups so far, and almost 1,000 presentations. We have had about 6,000 unique visitors so far to the site (and almost 25,000 page hits) – which averages out to roughly 100 unique visitors and 500 page hits a day give or take.

For the beta, we have not been doing any advertising – its strictly word-of-mouth and Twitter. We expected slightly less sign-ups but slightly more presentations – so why are some of you not making any presentations? Getting stuck somewhere – please let us know.

We anticipate keeping the beta going for a while until we get more feedback (we have been getting some – thanks!). Overall, most of you say you like the service, would prefer the PowerPoint conversion to occur on the server instead of having to download an app, and wouldn’t mind getting more than 25mb storage to start (although you do gain more storage as you make more presentations and get votes etc). We are listening.

Happy New Year Everyone!


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