List of Websites, Tools and Libraries

I wanted to give a shout out (and give credit to) the various libraries, web sites, tools, and other resources we used to build this site.

I am going to attempt to list them all, but I will add more as they are used and/or as I remember.

JavaScript Libraries and Code:


Developer Tools

  • Adobe Dreamweaver (CS4)
  • Adobe Photoshop (CS4)
  • Adobe Fireworks (CS4)
  • Visual Studio (6.0 if you can believe it)
  • Firebug (for Firefox)
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Well, as you can see if you are reading this, progress today involved getting the blog running and integrated into the website.

So today, in addition to the blog, we implemented:

  • the top 10 users section on the home page
  • add social links to your profile
  • newest users section on home page
  • some minor editor cleanup
  • decided on file areas per presentation instead of per-account for easier management

As I write this, I expect the beta to go live in a few weeks. The website itself is pretty well complete (as far as initial beta release goes). We still have some sticking issues inside the presentation editor to fix and/or integrate, but for the most part, that is done too.

Here is a screenshot of the editor:

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